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Morning Bulletin - 6 June 2022

    SOFIX (615.66, -0.47%) retreated on Friday causing cross between 50-days and 100-days MA. The extended indexes BGTR30 (734.96, -0.26%) and BGBX40 (143.78, -0.25%) performed a note better but still remained on the negative territory. Allterco (A4L) fell by 7.37% as aggressive sellers pushed the price down to BGN 17.60 and placed the name on the top of the loser’s list. Monbat (MONB, BGN 5.80, +4.50%) and Central Cooperative Bank (CCB, BGN 1.67, +3.09%) closed on the opposite side as the positive outcome came with small trades. The volumes of the benchmark index remained below the 15-days average.