Morning Note /

Morning Bulletin - 4 January 2022

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    4 January 2022

    The last trading day of the year was marked in red as all indexes fell in range between -0.18% to -0.87%. SOFIX (635.68) slipped the most by 0.87% as 6 out of 15 members finished on the negative side. Sopharma (SFA, BGN 4.46, -2.62%) and Advance Terrafund (ATER, BGN 2.88, -2.04%) weighed the most on the benchmark index as aggressive sellers pushed the price down in late hours for both names. The surge of less liquid names as Korado Bulgaria (KGB, BGN 7.60, +3.40%) and Fair Play Properties (FPP, BGN 0.74, +21.31%) smoothed the final result for the extended indexes BGBX40 (143.68) and BGTR30 (682.96), which lost 0.43% and 0.18%, respectively. The volumes increased compare to the previous two sessions but remained far from the 15-days average.