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Morning Bulletin - 30 July 2021

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    30 July 2021

    SOFIX (570.87) stepped back by 0.24% with slightly improved volume and 7 out of 15 members positioned on the negative side. Eurohold Bulgaria (EUBG, BGN 2.54) slipped the most after the announcement that the acquisition of CEZ Group’s business in Bulgaria was completed, followed by Sopharma (SFA, BGN 3.48, -1.14%). Sirma Group (SGH, BGN 0.51,+4.94%) and Central Cooperative Bank (CCB, BGN 1.04,+4.00%) ended on the opposite side and softened the negative effect on the benchmark index. All other indexes outperformed as the increase of Industrial Holding Bulgaria (IHB, BGN 1.70, +12.58%) and Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE, BGN 7.50, +3.45%) pushed the outcome in this trading session for BGBX40 (127.09, +0.60%) and BGTR30 (614.83, +1.16%).