Morning Note /

Morning Bulletin - 27 September 2021

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    27 September 2021

    SOFIX (564.03) continued its uptrend and registered additional 0.44% increase on Friday led by the tech sector. The extended indexes BGTR30 (645.87, +0.58%) and BGBX40 (132.23, +0.82%) outperformed the benchmark index, mainly supported by the jump of Stara Planina Holding (SPH, BGN 11.50, + 11.65%) after the released positive financial data. The volumes moderately exceeded the 15-days average, while the consecutive buyback for this month of Sopharma (SFA, BGN 3.74, -0.53%) took significant part of the daily turnover. BGREIT (161.58) alone ended on the negative side by 0.07% down as the slip of Roi Property (RPF, BGN 7.35, -0.68%) weighed on the index.