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Morning Bulletin - 27 April 2021

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    27 April 2021

    SOFIX 519.88 (-0.01%) remained neutral after opposite moves of index members. Doverie (DUH, BGN 5.20, +2.77%), Chimimport (CHIM, BGN 0.916, +1.78%) and Sirma Group (SGH, BGN 0.555, +0.91%) fully offset the drop of First Investment Bank (FIB, BGN 1.565, -3.10%), Bulgarian Real Estate Fund (BREF, BGN 1.86, -1.59%) and Albena (ALB, BGN 32.00, -1.23%). The search for liquidity is still the driving force on the market as the forthcoming release of financial data keeps investors away from active trading.