Morning Note /

Morning Bulletin - 20 May 2021

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    20 May 2021

    SOFIX (524.50) neared its high from late April and convincingly ended the session with 0.88% gain. The turnover confirmed the moderate buying interest being equal to the 3-months average. First Investment bank (FIB, BGN 1.60) and Advance Terrafund (ATER, BGN 2.51) led the benchmark index movers by increasing with respectively 3.90% and 2.87%. BGBX40 (118.35, +0.91%) outperformed SOFIX, supported by the increase of Alcomet (ALCM, BGN 8.60, +6.17%) and Agria Group (AGH, BGN 8.50, +3.03%), while BGTR30 (563.03) underperformed as the loss of 5.13% of M+S Hydraulic (MSH, BGN 7.40) weighed on the index.