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Morning Bulletin - 14 September 2022

    First Financial Brokerage House
    14 September 2022

    SOFIX (613.73) added 0.25% despite steep losses of the major markets as participants remained neutral with small interventions. Central Cooperative Bank (CCB, BGN 1.74, +1.75%) and Doverie United Holding (DUH, BGN 7.94, +1.28%) led the gainers within the benchmark as the buyers where more aggressive. The broad indexes BGBX40 (141.45) and BGTR30 (737.70) underperformed by losing 0.19% and 0.35%, respectively as Sopharma Properties (SFI, BGN 9.10, -4.21%) and Stara Planina Hold (SPH, BGN 8.75, -2.78%) weighed on both indexes. The volumes slipped and part of the indexes’ members remained untraded.