Morning Note /

Morning Bulletin - 14 April 2022

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    14 April 2022

    SOFIX (631.06) rebounded from its 100-MA by adding 1.34% on Wednesday. The extended indexes BGBX40 (145.94) and BGTR30 (735.13) underperformed the benchmark by 1.13% and 0.77% rises, respectively as the fall of Fair Play Properties (FPP, BGN 0.51) by 7.21% weighed additionally. The volumes, on the other hand, slipped and the retails became the main movers in this session as the Bid/Ask spreads continued to increase and provoked significant volatility. Eurohold (EUBG, BGN 2.42, +8.04%) led the gainers, the financials followed but all results came with small turnover in this trading session.