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Mexico: Public finances – $434.3 billion deficit in the PSBR up to July

  • PSBRs posted a $434.3bn deficit up to July, equivalent to US$21.8bn. Primary balance stood at +$132.9bn (US$6.7bn)

  • Revenues rose 8.2% y/y in real terms, with positive base effects. Spending up 2.1%, with support to Pemex and CFE

  • HBPSBRs stood at $12.5tn (US$626.4 billion), with 65.2% denominated in local currency

Juan Carlos Alderete Macal
Juan Carlos Alderete Macal

Director of Economic Research

Francisco Jose Flores Serrano
Francisco Jose Flores Serrano

Senior Economist, Mexico

31 August 2021
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