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Mexico: 1H-August inflation – Negative on a new price ceiling for LP gas

  • Inflation in 1H-Aug stood at -0.02% 2w/2w, below expectations. The core reached 0.28%, still relatively pressured

  • We highlight the 15.1% fall in LP gas (contribution: -39bps) as the government established a price ceiling to this good

  • Annual inflation fell to 5.58% from 5.81% on average in July. In contrast, the core moved upwards, at 4.78% from 4.66%

Alejandro Padilla Santana
Alejandro Padilla Santana

Executive Director of Economic Research and Financial Markets Strategy

Juan Carlos Alderete Macal
Francisco Jose Flores Serrano
Manuel Jimenez Zaldivar
24 August 2021
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