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Long-Short Positions on 44 Commodity Markets

  • It’s been a wild year for Commodity markets. And the year’s not over.

  • Should you be LONG? Should you be SHORT? Or should you just be OUT of the market?

  • We provide point-to-point answers to these questions on (almost) every single Commodity market.

Crystal Shore Dashboards
21 November 2022

With the GTC Dashboard, we go long and short across the entire Commodities universe. Not just the 4 big commodity sectors—Precious, Base, Energy and Foodstuffs—but 39 single commodities, from Arabica Coffee to WTI.

The investment strategy is straightforward: we go LONG those markets where the risk of capital loss is low. And we SHORT those markets where the risk of capital loss is high.

This is not a trend-following system: we can go—and have gone—completely counter-trend on many occasions and in many markets. It all hinges on the underlying risk of the underlying commodities, which we systematically evaluate on a weekly basis.