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VGI PCL: In God we trust—all others must bring data!

  • The small pieces that complete the big picture

  • Don’t believe in NINE, but believe in Ian Longden

  • An expensive valuation?—not if you consider scope to scale up

Napon Jaisan
Napon Jaisan

Equity Research Analyst

Bualuang Securities
21 March 2022

VGI is transforming from a media firm into a data-driven service provider by broadening its data trove of customer-related data and using it better in order to optimize the marketing efforts of brand owners in this age of empowered consumers and Big Data. Its 60% stake in NINE is the last piece that completes the jigsaw, we believe. VGI is now far more than a final destination for ad spend—it is becoming a one-stop media solutions provider.

The small pieces that complete the big picture

On Mar 2, VGI announced that it will spend Bt3.1bn to take a 60% stake in Nation International Edutainment Plc (NINE) through a private placement. NINE will manage the merchandising spaces at 31 BTS Skytrain stations (NINE already manages the merchandising spaces at three BTS stations and operates convenience stores located at the stations branded TURTLE). VGI collects consumer data on payments (Rabbit Line Pay) and journeys (BTS usage). However, it hasn’t been able to access the granular details of spending till now. For example, the firm knows the amount of a payment, but it doesn’t know what was purchased. VGI can now build that granular data through sales transacted at TURTLE outlets, so will be able to provide clients with the last-mile (conversion rate) for O2O solutions.