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ID : Bank Danamon - A weak Feb

    Erwan Teguh
    Erwan Teguh

    Head of Indonesia Research

    1 April 2021
    Published byCGS-CIMB

    NIM contracted 50bp mom in Feb, largely due to falling asset yield. Non-II fell 29% mom while opex rose 3.2% mom, lifting CIR to 54%. Loans declined 0.2% mom. PPOP fell 30% mom and higher CoC of 3.2% pushed Feb NP down 82% mom (-78% yoy) to Rp64bn. The stock underperformed JCI by 8% last month; its valuation now stands at 0.6x forward P/BV (1.5 s.d. below 10Y mean). Reiterate Add with a lower TP.