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YGGDRAZIL Group PCL: Grandora calling in 2H22

  • #1 VFX and animation to grow further

  • #2 Many drivers for the gaming biz in 2H22

  • #3 Riding Grandora before its flight

Napon Jaisan
Napon Jaisan

Equity Research Analyst

Bualuang Securities
30 June 2022

Grandora is a three-headed dragon. YGG’s metaverse project called Grandora, is expected to launch in 3Q22, sporting three heads which represent the combo of YGG’s gaming, block chain and VFX technology. It is a mega project for YGG. Riding on this dragon, YGG’s stock price may be back to the uptrend cycle. Investors are encouraged to attend our Thai Corporate Day on Jul 1 to examine this dragon up close. Don’t miss it!

#1 VFX and animation to grow further

During 2020-21, clients from gaming space drove YGG’s VFX revenue, but the gaming industry growth is expected to stall in 2022 when players will be less inclined to stay home. They should keep spending on advertising to maintain interest and promote upcoming games launches. Other areas have started recovering in tandem with the economy and COVID-19 easing. YGG launched ad campaigns for NOBLE (property development) and Farmhouse (food business) in 2Q22. Three deals with big platforms are on the table for VFX projects. For animation, YGG is likely to seal two big deals (worth more than Bt60m each), which will double the firm’s current backlog of about Bt120m).