Global Themes for 2021

Global Themes for 2021

  • 2020 brought Covid, mega-tech as the new investment safe-haven, a contested US election, and successful vaccine trials
  • We assess investment opportunities and risks in 2021 by focusing on trends that will impact markets and investors
  • Low rates forever, pressure on/unique opportunities for tech, and the changing policy landscape will shape 2021

It has been an incredibly strange year. Last year, moving into a new decade, Tellimer brought you a list of 20 themes that we thought could shape markets throughout the 2020s. Our predictions on the impact of cheaper and more available tech have all come true faster than even we predicted, as the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital payments and e-commerce across the globe.

Covid-19 and its challenges (and, for the right tech operators, its opportunities) looms largest, but the prospect of low rates forever, the remarkable events around the "stolen" US election and the prospect of a weaker US dollar, the unprecedented regulatory pressure on Big Tech and the rumbling US-China trade war, to name but a few, have all contributed to the turbulence.

In this edition of our annual global themes, our analysts scrutinise the opportunities and challenges the world faces in 2021, focusing on the key trends that will shape markets over the next year and beyond, and highlighting how investors can successfully navigate them. Some of the chapters offer our unique perspective on major global developments, some highlight the importance of themes that you may not have read about elsewhere. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Burgeoning debt in a world of low rates

The shifting international monetary and trade landscape

The unequal growth in fintech and e-commerce

Read on to prepare yourself!

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