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Global Investment Themes for 2022

  • 2021 has seen new drivers of the global economy emerge

  • We assess the most fundamental trends and their potential impact on markets and investors in 2022

  • Inflation, ethical investing, crypto/blockchain and tech innovations will shape 2022 and beyond

Global Investment Themes for 2022
Duncan Wales
Duncan Wales

Chief Executive Officer

Tellimer Research
22 November 2021
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2021 saw the drivers of the post-Covid world begin to emerge; successful new business models, shifting politics and changing patterns of investing. There are new opportunities favouring countries, companies and sectors with the adaptability to succeed, and risks for those who don’t. We have divided our 2022 Global Themes into four categories:

Inflation and rising rates: For the first time in almost a generation, inflation is out of the bottle. The world’s biggest central banks are scaling down their bond purchases and emerging markets are pulling the trigger on rate hikes. How should investors position themselves?

Ethical investing: Ethical investing is here to stay, but is that best captured through ESG, or the specialised targeting of specific concerns, such as climate or inequality? Climate looks set to be an integral part of company and investor decision-making and concerns around inequality have been a common thread in China's crackdown on the technology, education, gaming and real estate sectors.

Blockchain and crypto: Cryptocurrency has moved from being a rebellious outsider to an integral part of the future financial system. Meanwhile, blockchain technology is beginning to have its moment – we highlight how leading-edge companies and governments are using blockchain to solve real-world problems.

Technological innovations to change industries: We pick out two contrasting examples – satellite internet, which has the potential to drive huge change in how citizens access online services, and the burgeoning trend of 'buy now, pay later', which is set to power a surge in consumer spending and e-commerce, particularly in emerging markets.

We have identified 11 major trends that will shape investing over the next 12 months, and beyond. Some of our chapters offer our unique perspective on major global developments, while some highlight the importance of themes that you may not have read about elsewhere. We hope you enjoy reading them.