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Georgia’s Wine & Spirits Sector In Vino Veritas

    Bachana Shengelia
    Bachana Shengelia

    Head of Sector Research

    Mariam Chakhvashvili
    Eva Bochorishvili
    Galt & Taggart
    30 July 2019
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    Georgia is considered the �cradle of wine� with a rich, 8,000-year history of wine-making and home to over 500 unique grape varieties. Having interrelated production processes, several large wine-making companies also produce brandy. While the history of Georgian brandy only begins in the 19th century, Georgia is already 10th-largest exporter of brandy globally. In 2018, 245,000 tons of grape were processed by over 300 winemaking companies, quite large production for a country with a small domestic consumption base. So it�s not surprising that some 85% of the wine & spirits sector�s revenue stream comes from exports, making it highly dependent on external markets.