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Food delivery platforms and the tech revolution in emerging markets

  • Digital food delivery is on the cusp of a major expansion in emerging markets
  • We examine the outlook for this evolving industry and who the key players are (with the brightest growth prospects)
  • Global leaders will be monitoring consolidation opportunities in EM – we identify potential acquisition targets

Technological innovators are disrupting prevailing ways of doing business across markets, enabled by the increasing prevalence and power of smartphones.

In developed markets, this tech revolution is increasing convenience for consumers and creating efficiencies for vendors; however, in certain sectors, particularly those where GPS technology is able to overcome traditional obstacles, it is a game-changer for emerging markets.

In this in-depth report for Insights Pro subscribers, part of our new series on technological disruption in emerging markets, we examine one such industry – digital food delivery.

Powered by the spread of smartphones, better access to broadband and the creation of delivery infrastructure, our view is that digital food delivery is on the cusp of a major expansion in emerging markets.

We examine what the outlook is for this rapidly evolving industry, who the key players are currently (and which are ripe for acquisition) and where growth prospects are brightest.

We focus in particular on the exciting (and fragmented) emerging markets of Nigeria, Vietnam, Kenya, Indonesia and Pakistan, identifying Jumia Food in Africa, Grab Food in Indonesia and Vietnam, and Delivery Hero in Pakistan as potential winners in the scramble for market share.

Global leaders, such as Grubhub, Meituan and Just Eat, meanwhile, are cash-rich and hungry for acquisitions. They will be monitoring consolidation opportunities in our key markets, especially given that even the best local players are bleeding cash.

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