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Dubai real estate prices falling fifth year in a row and still not bottomed

  • Completed house prices are 33% below the 2014 peak, but if they hit the 2010 trough there is 20% further downside
  • Are reforms (eg citizenship) enough to absorb excess capacity, and that too, before another 5-35% of planned addition...
  • ... and with with corporate closure and consolidation locally, low oil prices regionally, remote working shift globally?
Dubai real estate prices falling fifth year in a row and still not bottomed

The price of completed real estate in Dubai is in its fifth consecutive year of decline. Prices in the residential segment, for example, are over 30% below their 2014 peak.

Reforms are underway to expand the international population that might consider relocating to Dubai on a more permanent basis and Dubai has a deserved reputation for doing what it takes to attract expatriates, tourists and multinationals.

But the disruption wrought by Covid-19, locally, to businesses (and the white collar workers they employ) and the catalyst sparked by Covid-19, globally, for the adoption of remote working may have shifted the goalposts.

Prices in the residential segment have c20% further downside should they revisit the trough of 2010.

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