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    Sven Kreitmair
    Sven Kreitmair

    Head of Credit Research

    Gianfranco Arcovito
    Christian Aust
    Michael Teig
    21 January 2021
    Published byUniCredit

    Top Credit Stories Adler Pelzer (PELHOL) - Announces partnership with Japanese Hayashi Telempu Cellnex Telecom (CLNXSM); Deutsche Telekom (DT) - Cellnex and DT reportedly close to reaching agreement on Netherlands sites Douglas (DOUGR) - Unconfirmed reports to improve profitabilty to avoid agressive debt restructuring Global Ports Investments (GLPRLI) - Growing container traffic in Russia Morgan Stanley (MS) - Strong 4Q20 results due to record performance of Institutional Securities RWE (RWE) - Continues to expand renewables portfolio in North America Telia Company (TELIAS) - Cash generation beats guidance thyssenkrupp (TKAGR) - S&P revises outlook on BB- rating to negative