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    Sven Kreitmair
    Sven Kreitmair

    Head of Credit Research

    Ulrich Scholz
    Gianfranco Arcovito
    Christian Aust
    8 April 2021
    Published byUniCredit

    Top Credit Stories Daimler (DAIGR) - Mercedes-Benz Cars retail sales in 1Q21 up by 21.8% driven by China and US and strong demand for PHEV and BEV EDF (EDF) - Press reports on buyout of free-float shareholders by French government KPN (KPN) - Renewed PE buyout attempt Mahle (MAHLGR) - Moody's assigns Ba1 rating, but oustanding 2021/22 bonds remain unrated Solvay (SOLBBB) - Moody's stabilized outlook on Baa2 rating implies no new supply Telenor (TELNO) - Possible merger in Malaysia