Covid-19 consumer survey: The EMs hurting (and helping) the most

Covid-19 consumer survey: The EMs hurting (and helping) the most

  • Our proprietary survey of 600 consumers shows significant differences in Covid-19 impact across 6 large emerging markets
  • We gauged the effect on respondents’ health and wealth, on their employers and on their spending patterns
  • Anxiety is an issue in Latin America; loan moratoriums have helped in Asia; making ends meet is tough in South Africa

Between 13 and 20 July, we surveyed 600 consumers across 6 large emerging markets (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa) to assess how Covid-19 has affected them, their employers and their transactional behaviour.

Lower income and increased mental anxiety have been the two biggest effects of Covid-19

Lower income is most prevalent in Indonesia, while it is less of an issue for Brazilians and Mexicans. More South Africans are struggling to pay their day-to-day bills than in other markets.

Despite China reporting a relatively low number of Covid-19 cases, Chinese respondents more frequently cited the physical health effects of Covid-19 on their families than in other markets. More Brazilians are affected by anxiety than elsewhere, while this is less of an issue in India and Indonesia.

In terms of changes in behaviour, home-working is now much more prevalent in Indonesia, while in China relatively fewer respondents had made this shift.

Other highlights:

Government support programmes have been least effective in South Africa

Struggling with lower revenues and receivables collection, employers are cutting wage bills

Mobile is an increasingly preferred payments medium

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