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BRF to issue; Mexico's Alpek issues new bond

    Rafael Elias
    Rafael Elias

    Director, Latin America Credit

    Tellimer Research
    12 September 2019
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    Following the tender offer mentioned in our previous note, BRF, S.A. (BRFSBZ) is expected to come to the market with a Senior Unsecured bond with "intermediate maturity" which we believe could be a 10-year, expected to be rated Ba2/NR/BB whose proceeds will be used, as per the Tender above, to redeem:

    1. Its BFF International Ltd., US$86.1mn (out of an original outstanding amount of US$750mn), 7.25%, Senior Unsecured bonds (Ba2/BB-/BB), due 2020 that are currently trading at around US$102.205 (ALLQ) to yield approximately 1.33% (to Worst) for a negative G-Spread of -58 bps and a negative Z-Spread of -79 bps;

    2. Tender its BRF, S.A., US$118.662mn (out of an original issue amount of US$750mn), 5.875%, Senior Unsecured bonds due 2022 (Ba2/BB-/BB), currently trading at around US$104.571 (ALLQ) to yield approximately 4.09% (to Worst) for a G-Spread of 247 bps and a Z-Spread of 249 bps; 

    3. Tender its BRF, S.A., US$500mn, 2.75%, Senior Unsecured bonds (Ba2/BB-/BB) due 2022, currently trading at around US$104.72 (ALLQ) to yield approximately 0.98% (to Worst) for a G-Spread of 187 bps and a Z-Spread of 149 bps;

    4. Tender its BRF, S.A., US$500mn, 3.95%, Senior Unsecured bonds (Ba2/BB-/BB) due 2023, currently trading at around US$101.283 (ALLQ) to yield approximately 3.87% (to Worst) for a G-Spread of 227 bps and a Z-Spread of 232 bps; and 

    5. Tender its BRF, S.A., US$750mn, 4.75%, Senior Unsecured bonds (Ba2/BB-/BB) due 2024, currently trading at around US$104.36 (ALLQ) to yield approximately 3.72% (to Worst) for a G-Spread of 214 bps and a Z-Spread of 220 bps.

    We believe that the company could issue cUS$1.0bn in what we expect will be 10-year bonds, that in our view should price at 5.0-5.25% given that its currently outstanding BRF GmbH US$500mn, 4.35% Senior Unsecured bonds due 2026 are currently trading at cUS$99.522 (ALLQ) to yield c4.43% (to Worst) for a G-Spread of 276 bps and a Z-Spread of 288 bps. These bonds have a duration of around 6.021 years.

    We have a Hold recommendation on the BRF family of bonds as these are the most expensive among the whole Brazilian animal protein and foods sector universe of credits.

    Alpek's new bond

    On a separate note, Mexico's Alpek, S.A.B. de C.V. (ALPEKA) yesterday (11 September) issued its US$500 million, 10-year bond at T + 255 bps. The bond is, as expected, Senior Unsecured and was rated Baa3/BBB-/BBB-. The coupon was 4.25% and the re-offer price was US$99.718. In our report of 5 September, we stated that we believed that the "intermediate maturity" could be 10-years, which has now been confirmed. We also said that we expected the new bonds to price at around the mid 5.0%'s level.