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Asia Emerging Markets: Top-Down Macro and Bottom-Up Micro

  • We are positive: on Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines, all upgraded this week.

  • But we remain negative: on China, where we still see a high risk of capital loss going forward.

  • We believe: in Taiwan Semi, which we have upgraded this week along with two other 'mega-cap' companies.

Crystal Shore Dashboards
28 November 2022

The GTAsia Dashboard is a global macro roadmap for Asian money managers. Every week, we systematically evaluate:

1.     All 10 Emerging Asia countries, from China and Taiwan to Vietnam and Pakistan.

2.     The 10 biggest Emerging Asia stocks, from Taiwan Semi and Samsung Electronics to HDFC

3.     Our  own Top 10 Stocks portfolio, invested in large-cap and mid-cap Emerging Asia names

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