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A Global Macro Roadmap for Emerging Market Equities

  • LATIN AMERICA is upgraded on the back of an improving BRAZIL.

  • INDONESIA is downgraded.

  • Leaving INDIA as the only attractive major emerging market in Asia.

Crystal Shore Dashboards
24 October 2022

The GTE Dashboard is a global macro roadmap for Emerging Market money managers. It’s a capital allocation tool with a 7 year track record of consistent outperformance.

With the GTE Dashboard, we systematically evaluate the risk of the 5 big Emerging Market regions and 34 Emerging Countries. For each of these markets, we ask the following question: what is the probability of capital loss going forward? Is it High? Or is it Low?

We are buyers of low risk markets. And we are sellers of high risk markets. This simple strategy has been remarkably effective in generating market-beating returns at significantly lower levels of risk. Click below to download the complete report.