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A Global Macro Roadmap for Emerging Market Equities

  • Which Emerging Markets are currently attractive?

  • And which Emerging Markets should be avoided altogether?

  • We answer these questions for every single emerging country, from Argentina to Vietnam and Brazil to South Africa

A Global Macro Roadmap for Emerging Market Equities
Crystal Shore Dashboards
19 September 2022

The GTE Dashboard is a global macro roadmap for Emerging Market money managers. It’s a capital allocation tool with a 7-year track record of consistent outperformance.

With the GTE Dashboard, we systematically evaluate the risk of the 5 big Emerging Market regions and 34 Emerging countries. For each of these markets, we ask the following question: what is the probability of capital loss going forward? Is it High? Or is it Low?

We are buyers of low-risk markets. And we are sellers of high-risk markets. This simple strategy has been remarkably effective in generating market-beating returns at significantly lower levels of risk.

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