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Vietnam strategy 2021: Opportunity arises

The global stock market is forecast to remain relatively optimistic when being supported by the easy monetary policy, a weak USD and the economic recovery. However, a cautious sentiment should be considered when tensions between trading partners are...
Rong Viet Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 29 December 2020
Vietnam strategy 2021: Opportunity arises
Vietnam strategy 2021: Opportunity arises

Vietnam Fisheries Sector: Contrasting effects from the trade war

Export value came at USD 962 mn, fell slightly 4% YoY, with export to the US tumbled 28% YoY, to China inched up 1% YoY and to the EU boomed 36% YoY. The situation could be attributed to that Chinese seafood were dumped into the US before the effecti...
Rong Viet Tam Pham
Tam Pham @ Rong Viet 12 September 2019

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