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Head of Developed Markets and Latin America Research @ ETM Analytics

Lloyd is a Research Analyst at ETM Analytics covering G10, Latin America, and South Africa. He has four years full-time professional experience in market research, specialising in macroeconomics, fixed income, and foreign exchange markets. This follows on from his experience as a Management Consultant at a top tier firm in South Africa, at which he spent two years. Lloyd holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Economics from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Emerging Market and Country Risk Analysis from Fordham University in New York. His market commentary has been featured in industry publications such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNBC Africa.

Lloyd Miller
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Latest articles from Lloyd Miller

Latam Daily: Brazil’s fragile political space coming to a head

Brazil: The Senate is accusing President Bolsonaro of crimes against humanity due to his government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The budget is 5.3% bigger than the previous record approved for 2021, with funds earmarked to ease economic press...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 21 October 2021

Latam Daily: Fiscal pressures, political uncertainty bubbling below the surface

Brazil: Tuesday turned out to be a tumultuous day for Brazilian assets amid reports that the government will breach the spending cap rule to finance a new social program known as Auxilio Brasil. Therefore a breach of the spending cap rule will mean t...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 20 October 2021

Inflation pressures still in focus in Latam

Brazil: The government is reportedly looking at combining emerging social payments and Bolsa Familia welfare programs into a monthly stipend of BRL 300 next year, according to Reuters, citing an Economy Ministry official with direct knowledge of the ...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 19 October 2021

Latam Daily: Politics remain volatile, central banks remain hawkish

Brazil: The Lower House began an analysis of changes to the ICMS tax on fuels on Wednesday. The bill being discussed proposes fixed values to the ICMS tax on fuels. This occurred despite a falling USD through the session, reflecting just how importan...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 14 October 2021

Latam Daily: IMF report shed’s light on Latam’s recovery prospects

Brazil: The IMF noted yesterday that inflation risks are now skewed to the upside over the near term. Emerging market economies may, however, continue to face elevated inflation through next year, with the aggregate estimate at 5.5% for this year and...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 13 October 2021
Commodities Analysis / Global

Steady-as-she-goes opec to keep market tightness entrenched

In one of the shortest OPEC+ ministerial meetings in recent memory, the cartel and its allies announced that they would be sticking to their initial plans to keep raising output by 400k barrels a day through November. Some market watchers had suggest...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 6 October 2021

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