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Vietnam Strategy: April 2022 – Tailwinds from AGM and earnings season

We remain positive on Vietnam equities in the long term due to the following structural catalysts: better domestic demand, companies’ earnings prospect, economic activities and FDI inflows on the back of broader economic reopening and fiscal stimulus...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 11 April 2022

Vietnam Strategy: March 2022 – Timing is key

The Russia-Ukraine war and US and European sanctions on Russia have raised concerns about the risk of a global supply chain disruption, especially since Russia and Ukraine are two major exporting countries in terms of metal products, fertilisers, agr...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 11 March 2022

Vietnam 2022 investment strategy: Gearing up for the long-awaited recovery

The fourth wave of Covid-19 has severely impacted Vietnam's economic growth, especially in Q3 21. Monetary policies indicate that interest rates will be moving higher but there are divergences. This is according to Rong Viet's scenario of a 17% EPS g...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 4 January 2022

Vietnam Strategy: November – Expect market to move up but beware of volatility

In November, we expect the market to continue its upward trajectory thanks to the clearer resumption of economic activities in Q4 21 with the government’s support package being the main driving force to enhance market movement. We predict the VN Inde...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 9 November 2021

Vietnam Strategy: August 2021 – Picking a safe haven at a time of uncertainty

The outperformance of smaller market cap stocks compared with the returns on VN Index in July was generally in line with our expectations. We expect this attractive valuation level to be supportive of a continued rally in H2 21 considering a 33% yoy ...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 10 August 2021

Vietnam Strategy: June 2021 – Prepare for new opportunities

The market will move into a "quiet period" once Q1 21 business results are fully released. Meanwhile, April CPI decreased by 0.04% mom, and increased by only 0.89% in 4M 21, indicating that inflationary pressure is not something to worry about yet an...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 7 June 2021

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