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Head of African Markets @ ETM Analytics

Kieran is the Co-Head of Financial Markets at ETM Analytics, a world-leading emerging and frontier market research firm specialising in FX, fixed income, derivatives and commodities. Kieran is responsible for leading a team of analysts in identifying market dislocations and providing solutions for traders, treasury professionals, buy side and corporate executives through the use of quantitative models to cut through the noise. In addition to this role, Kieran heads up the Africa desk and has extensive experience in a number of other markets, including Latin America, CEE and G10. Given the dependence of many of these economies on commodities, Kieran has also amassed a wealth of knowledge in the commodity market and has been instrumental in building out proprietary commodity models to gauge demand and supply-side dynamics. Kieran is also a member of ETM Capital’s Investment Committee and is involved in the funds' strategic asset allocation decision making.

Kieran Siney
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Latest from Kieran Siney

Fitch downgrades Ghana to one level above default

Forex: Nigeria’s foreign exchange reserves remain under pressure. Fixed Income: Fitch downgrades Ghana’s credit rating on the back of the debt exchange announcement. Macroeconomic: Headline inflation in Egypt surges to a near-5-year high in November.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 9 December 2022

EM debt default fears have eased, Ghanaian cedi continues to outshine its peers

Forex: Ghanaian cedi extends recovery as debt restructuring takes place. Fixed Income: Emerging market debt default fears have eased. Macroeconomic: Recap of latest Africa interest rate decisions.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 8 December 2022

Private pension funds pushback on Ghana’s debt exchange

Forex: Zambian kwacha remains under pressure. Fixed Income: Private pension funds pushback on Ghana’s proposed debt exchange. Macroeconomic: Price pressures in Ghana remain acute.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 7 December 2022

Ghanaian cedi gains more than 4% on fiscal optimism

Forex: Ghanaian cedi rallies as debt exchange takes place. Fixed Income: From aggressive rate hikes in 2022 to the growing possibility of aggressive rate cuts in 2023. Macroeconomic: Sub-Saharan Africa PMI average rises back above the 50-point mark.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 6 December 2022

Ghana’s Domestic Debt Exchange is set to take place today

Forex: Is the worst over for the Ghanaian cedi? Fixed Income: Kenya’s infrastructure bond sale last week was undersubscribed. Macroeconomic: Egypt’s economy-wide PMI falls sharply in November.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 5 December 2022

Tanking South African rand drags down regional peers with it

Forex: South African rand underperforms against regional peers as a potential political crisis unfolds. Fixed Income: Bank of Botswana leaves rates on hold amid expectations for inflation to slow. Macroeconomic: Economic conditions in Nigeria improve...
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 2 December 2022

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