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Jay Pelosky is a global strategist with 30+years of multi-asset investment experience in c50 countries. He was a top II ranked strategist at Morgan Stanley in Global Asset Allocation, Global Equity and Global Emerging Markets. Forward-looking and thematic, Jay is the Founder and Principal at TPW Advisory which leverages Jay's proprietary work on the Tri Polar World ( TPW) and Global Risk Nexus (GRN) to generate original, differentiated and actionable investment advice for individual & institutional investors (www.pelosky.com).

Jay Pelosky
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Latest articles from Jay Pelosky

Friday Musings: Dueling Dualities

950 words – a 4 minute read. If we continue to follow the Covid 1st in, 1st out logic then China is suggesting inflation fears are quite overblown with its CPI up 0.9% y/y, core 0.7%. ESG & Energy/Mining Extraction – Will ESG elongate the Commodity b...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 14 May 2021

Friday Musings: Commodities Are The Boss

820 words – a 3 minute read. We are in the first innings here – our good friend Chase Taylor at Pinecone Macro notes that 2025 WTI is priced at $52pb. TPW Advisory is in the both camp btw. US growth stocks/thematics have been weak, perhaps sniffing o...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 7 May 2021

As The Tri Polar World Turns - Springing Forward

Spring weather brings a sense of excitement to the air. Cross Asset markets have been busy pricking bubbles but bubble talk and zombie company fears remain (overstated). From a Tri Polar World POV, its great to finally see the US moving ahead on Hemi...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 30 April 2021

Musings: US Political Brand Value vs Financial Asset Value

One of the issues I have been musing over is the idea that the US political brand, which arguably reached a nadir on Jan 6th with the assault on the Capitol, is in an upswing, judging from polling on both the Biden presidency and its Go Big, Go Fast ...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 25 April 2021

TPW Advisory Musings: Running fast just to stand still

Even for one who has been focused on “Covid Speed” for the past year the pace of change seems to be accelerating. Now I want to add speed of process/accelerated discounting to the discussion. But, but, but what about the Biden Jobs Plan & its $2.5T p...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 18 April 2021

The song remains the same

As we enter Q2, one considers the recent past and peers into the near future. This model portfolio review process is always interesting – it is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. That suggests some good potential upside. A ytd correlation a...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 12 April 2021
The song remains the same
The song remains the same

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