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Jay Pelosky is a global strategist with 30+years of multi-asset investment experience in c50 countries. He was a top II ranked strategist at Morgan Stanley in Global Asset Allocation, Global Equity and Global Emerging Markets. Forward-looking and thematic, Jay is the Founder and Principal at TPW Advisory which leverages Jay's proprietary work on the Tri Polar World ( TPW) and Global Risk Nexus (GRN) to generate original, differentiated and actionable investment advice for individual & institutional investors (www.pelosky.com).

Jay Pelosky
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Latest articles from Jay Pelosky

All That for Nothing?

The title in question is what I asked myself after comparing last Thursday’s close (pre Friday selloff) to yesterday’s close and realizing ACWI was completely flat, 0.0% change. In checking the models for this 5 day period I noticed how well the TPW ...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 23 July 2021

Carbon Counter

What a week for the Climate fight… amid mudslides in Japan, floods in Germany and over 60 wildfires burning thru the American Southwest, Europe announced its Climate Plan including the 1st major upgrade to its carbon ETS in its 16 yr. XLE is now down...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 16 July 2021

Brain Melt = Opportunity

Maybe it was the long 4th of July weekend (all that socializing after 18 months without) or the strong 1st H of the year (record for US financials, Energy, near 25 year best for EU banks) or the weather (I was rained on 5 days in a row personally) bu...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 9 July 2021

Climate, Crypto or Both?

While the Delta variant is todays story, the 2H narrative will shift to a DM vaccine production surge leading to EM vaccination spikes, reopenings and a synchronized global expansion. Carbon pricing unites the two and will drive the decarbonization e...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 2 July 2021
Climate, Crypto or Both?
Climate, Crypto or Both?

What a Difference a Week Makes

You know, the S&P’s worst week in 4 months, the week the FOMC messed with everyone, the bond market got agita, the $ rocked and Commodities imploded? Because THIS week we had new ATHs in S&P & Nasdaq, Fed speak got back on FAIT track, the 10 yr. This...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 25 June 2021

Gut Punch

Usually one sees stars when one is punched in the head, but its 2021 and all things are possible so the post Fed meet punch in the belly (of the curve) had folks seeing dots, moving dots. Notwithstanding Jay Powell’s comment that one should “take the...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 18 June 2021

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