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Daron has been with the ETM Analytics team for well over a year and is growing into his role as an EM markets specialist. In this role, Daron oversees the Czech Republic, Mexico and Asia Pacific markets and concentrates on macroeconomics, fixed income and FX in these respective reports. He has two years of professional experience in banking and financial markets and holds a Bcom Honours in Econometrics from the University of Johannesburg.

Daron Hendricks
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Latest articles from Daron Hendricks

Latam Daily: Politics remain volatile, central banks remain hawkish

Brazil: The Lower House began an analysis of changes to the ICMS tax on fuels on Wednesday. The bill being discussed proposes fixed values to the ICMS tax on fuels. This occurred despite a falling USD through the session, reflecting just how importan...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 14 October 2021

Latam Daily: IMF report shed’s light on Latam’s recovery prospects

Brazil: The IMF noted yesterday that inflation risks are now skewed to the upside over the near term. Emerging market economies may, however, continue to face elevated inflation through next year, with the aggregate estimate at 5.5% for this year and...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 13 October 2021

Zambian Kwacha underperforming its regional peers in October

Investors will have a number of key data releases to watch this week, with the focus primarily on South African markets. However, recent vehicle sales figures were weak and feed into the view that supply chains are under pressure. More broadly, inves...
ETM Analytics Daron
Daron Hendricks @ ETM Analytics 12 October 2021

Southern African currencies continue to sell-off, losses led by the ZAR

The final week of the third quarter will be a busy one, with investors keeping an eye on fresh economic data and surging oil prices that will aggravate the recent hawkish turn by some major central banks and heightened concerns of inflation remaining...
ETM Analytics Daron
Daron Hendricks @ ETM Analytics 28 September 2021

South Africa Rand's resilience to be tested, second most volatile EM currency

Until last month global FX volatility was in the doldrums, so much so that the JP Morgan G7 Currency Volatility Index (a reliable gauge for foreign exchange volatility on a global scale and major developed and emerging market economies, respectively)...
ETM Analytics Daron
Daron Hendricks @ ETM Analytics 17 September 2021

Southern Africa FX mixed in September, ZAR outperforming

Looking into the week ahead, a relatively busy economic calendar for Southern Africa will keep markets well-fed and open the gate for potential volatility. The move to virus alert level 2 from level 3 comes as the third wave of COVID-19 infections dr...
ETM Analytics Daron
Daron Hendricks @ ETM Analytics 14 September 2021

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