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Daron has been with the ETM Analytics team for well over a year and is growing into his role as an EM markets specialist. In this role, Daron oversees the Czech Republic, Mexico and Asia Pacific markets and concentrates on macroeconomics, fixed income and FX in these respective reports. He has two years of professional experience in banking and financial markets and holds a Bcom Honours in Econometrics from the University of Johannesburg.

Daron Hendricks
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Latest from Daron Hendricks

Traders wary of turning less hawkish on the SARB

Market has frontloaded its interest rate hike expectations. South Africa's growth outlook means that the SARB cannot maintain its current pace of tightening. Rates look attractive to receivers at current levels as a result.
ETM Analytics Daron
Daron Hendricks @ ETM Analytics 31 August 2022

ETM Africa currency outlook

The hawkish shift in global monetary policy from major central banks has resulted in a receding tide of dollar liquidity in the global financial system. Not surprisingly, the NGN outlook remains bearish following the external pressures that are still...
ETM Analytics Daron
Daron Hendricks @ ETM Analytics 7 July 2022

Fixed Income Strategy: Is there value to be found going long Ghanaian bonds?

The sharp sell-off in Ghanaian bonds this year and the recent shift in fiscal policy from the government have raised the question of whether there is value in going long Ghanaian bonds at current levels. The reality is that the percentage drop is lik...
ETM Analytics Kieran
Kieran Siney @ ETM Analytics 12 May 2022

EMEA Daily: Russia's war with Ukraine, China's war with COVID fuel growth fears

Global: The USD has continued to surge and defied all those who believed that America's huge twin deficits would hamper the USD. Siluanov also said that there are not yet any discussions about letting foreigners trade on the Moscow exchange, which wi...
ETM Analytics Danny
Danny Greeff @ ETM Analytics 28 April 2022

Under pressure commodities will weigh on Latam FX and spur growth concerns

Brazil: Looking at the session ahead, the central bank is slated to publish its Focus survey, which will provide the latest economists' estimates for GDP, inflation, the Selic rate and FX. Colombia: Colombia's fiscal rule committee, which is tasked w...
ETM Analytics Lloyd
Lloyd Miller @ ETM Analytics 26 April 2022

EMEA Daily: Growth concerns keep investors on edge

Global: Is it justified for the US yield curve to invert or not? This reflected market expectations for the CBR to gradually normalise interest rates after the sharp hikes over the past few months. Czech Republic: Domestic bond yields fell moderately...
ETM Analytics Danny
Danny Greeff @ ETM Analytics 26 April 2022

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