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Alexa is a Market Analyst at ETM Analytics, specialising in commodities market research. Alexa studied a BSc in Economic Management Agriculture at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, majoring in Economics, Agricultural Economics and Logistics. Her combination of agricultural and economic knowledge enables her to analyse global and South African commodity markets as well as current global shipping and freight trends. 

Alexa Archibald
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Tanking South African rand drags down regional peers with it

Forex: South African rand underperforms against regional peers as a potential political crisis unfolds. Fixed Income: Bank of Botswana leaves rates on hold amid expectations for inflation to slow. Macroeconomic: Economic conditions in Nigeria improve...
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 2 December 2022

Bank of Botswana is next up to deliver its rate verdict

Forex: High positive rates are helping to underpin the Mozambican metical’s resilience. Fixed Income: Ghanaian Eurobond investors unphased by Moody’s downgrade. Macroeconomic: Bank of Namibia delivers a 50bp hike.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 1 December 2022

Mozambique is running one of the highest real rates in Africa

Forex: Speculators turn more bearish on the USD. Fixed Income: Bank of Mozambique and Bank of Namibia are set to announce their rate verdicts today. Macroeconomic: Global “fear gauge” declines in November as uncertainty eases.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 30 November 2022

Ghana delivers larger than expected rate hike

Forex: Market bears are pricing in more losses ahead for the Egyptian pound. Fixed Income: Emerging market ETFs record a third straight week of inflows. Macroeconomic: Bank of Ghana delivers a supersized rate hike to restore stability.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 29 November 2022

Bank of Ghana expected to hike rates as inflation continues to surge

Forex: Currency resilience has been key in determining moves in monetary policy this year. Fixed Income: Fiscal outlooks of EMs and DMs are diverging. Macroeconomic: Correction lower in commodity prices should help ease inflation pressures.
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 28 November 2022

Nigeria is no longer an oil-driven economy

Forex: Kenya’s foreign exchange level drops below the central bank’s statutory requirement. Fixed Income: Ghana shows signs of fiscal constraint, but fiscal distress risks remain acute. Macroeconomic: Oil’s contribution to Nigeria’s economy has almos...
ETM Analytics Alexa
Alexa Archibald @ ETM Analytics 25 November 2022

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